Our Services

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Multicultural Assistance for New Arrivals

To provide multicultural services to our clients who are new arrivals and who need assistance navigating complex cultural, social, and legal obligations. They include but are not limited to referrals to access health benefits, employment, and housing.

Afghan Community English Classes

Organizing a ‘Center’ at which our clients from the Afghan community can attend English Language Classes, particularly for women and young children.


Cultural And Religious

Provision of instructions on religious matters to young children as part of their culture.

Pashto and Dari

Provision of classes in cultural matters and language instruction in Pashto and Dari including the history of their native land and their adopted country.

Career Building

Provision of basic skills training to write resumes and access employment opportunities.

Embracing Diversity

Imparting material and classes celebrating diversity and tolerance in a multicultural society.